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Le vin des amants

Fredrik Österling describes Le vin des amants as follows: “I have always been fascinated by Baudelaire, and not least, Verlaine. The idea was to use a text that described the situation of an outsider while remaining somehow hopeful. The music would approach the relationship to convention found in the poems of Baudelaire... Both text and song permeate the entire movement and it is orchestrated such that the different parts go into each other. Song and music resonate within each other, rather than letting the music simply support the son in the traditional manner.”
Composer: Österling, Fredrik
Text: Baudelaire, Charles
Category: Orchestra; Voice and ensemble or orchestra
Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra --fl, cl*, cor, 2perc, pf, string quartet
Duration: 12
Editionsno: SUE496
Published: 2001-11-21
More info: JOR1878
Label: Phono Suecia / PSCD125
496 - Performance material on hire
496 - Score
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