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Rum (Rooms)

Madeleine Isaksson’s music comments, associates and expresses atmospheres through a singular, developed language. “There’s something going on, something that has matured and that expresses itself in a musical form.” The quote is telling, and is applicable not only to the individual works, but also to Madeleine Isaksson’s whole attitude towards creation. Rum (“Rooms”) was first performed in Stockholm in 1999 (parts 1 and 2) and has subsequently been performed in its complete version in Göteborg, Copenhagen, Vienna and under the 2003 Stockholm New Music Festival.
Composer: Isaksson, Madeleine
Category: Chamber music - mixed combinations
Instrumentation: a-fl, b-cl, perc, vlc
Editionsno: SUE545
Published: 2007-03-23
More info: JOR2949
Label: Phono Suecia / 134
545 - Score
545a - Parts
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