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Tuba buffo

Tuba buffo is strongly imbued with Julius Julius Jacobsen’s undisputed ability to sail over genre boundaries: from pure light entertainment music, through jazz, and on to the realms of modern classical music. Between the fast scale passages and phrases that allow the tuba to hop from a high to a low register, Jacobsen also lets the tuba burst into softly swaying, intimate, lyrical song. Thanks to this, Tuba buffo is a concerto that both fulfills and contradicts prejudices about the tuba as an instrument.
Composer: Jacobsen, Julius
Category: Concertos; Tuba
Instrumentation: Tuba and wind band -- 2222 4330 12 0, pf/cel, cb
Duration: 9,5
Editionsno: SUE513
Published: 2002-12-31
More info: 18608
Label: Caprice Records / 21493
513 - Piano score with solo part
513a - Score
513b - Orchestral parts
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