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Five Swedish Marimba Pieces

Heimer Sjöbloms Imagination is most likely the first solo piece for marimba written by a Swedish composer. It was composed in 1977 and is part of this collection of five works that also includes Miklós Maros’ virtuoso Marimba capriccio, Sergei Dmitriev’s descriptive Min barndoms snö har töat bort (The Snow of my Childhood has Melted Away), Ole Lützow-Holm’s Rhyme and Pairs – a nine-page work with unlimited possibilities for interpretation – and Staffan Storm’s meditative Ein Hauch um nichts – the first part of his Rilke trilogy for different solo instruments. Each work includes technical suggestions for performance. The selection and compilation of Five Swedish Marimba Pieces has been made by Daniel Berg, one of the foremost percussion and marimba players in the Nordic countries. His close collaboration with different Swedish composers has resulted in a variety of new pieces for percussion, among others four of the five compositions in this collection.
Composer: Sjöblom, Heimer/ Maros, Miklós/ Viluman, Sergei Dmitriev/ Lützow-Holm, Ole/ Storm, Staffan
Arranger: Berg, Daniel
Content: Sjöblom: Imagination, Maros: Marimbacappriccio, Dmitriev: Min barndoms snö har töat bort, Lützow-Holm: Rhymes and Pairs, Storm: Ein Haupt um nichts
Category: Percussion
Instrumentation: Marimba
Editionsno: SUE554
Published: 2010-10-29
More info:
554 - Marimba
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