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Compositions for piano

Per Henrik Wallin (1946-2005) was a jazz legend even during his own lifetime. He is regarded as by far the most impulsive jazz pianists and composers Sweden has ever produced. His style has been branded as uncompromising, masterly, and violent, but there is also an intimacy and a poetry, as revealed in this collection of piano compositions: pure jazz tunes, little gems, miniatures in a tradition rooted in Beethoven’s Bagatelles.
Composer: Wallin, Per Henrik
Content: 19 pieces: Blues Out/ Blues Out Riff/ Chico Marx/ Cradle 2nd/ Full, opus 3/ Full, opus 4/ Fånerier, nr 1/ Fånerier, nr 5/ Fånerier, nr 7/ Fånerier, nr 8/ Fånerier, nr 9 (Spike Jones)/ Funeral/ My Pearl Just Left/ Kleens Corner/ Mandelstam/ Tattis Bounce/ Va?/ Wearealighthouse/ You Once
Category: Piano
Instrumentation: Piano
Editionsno: SUE543
Published: 2007-03-21
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543 - Piano
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