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Fem Valser

This music was composed for a production of Hjalmar Bergman’s posthumous play ”The Legend” at the National Touring Theatre/Riksteatern in the autumn of 1989. To create some sort of link to the form of ”The Legend”, a performance of the music can both begin and end with the last piece, No. 5, ”The Waltz of the Legend”, which strictly speaking is the only original composition in the suite. The smallest ”essential” number of players is a double string quartet + a double bass for movements nos. 1-4. No. 5 requires two basses, or, alternatively, a third cello. There is no upward limit to the number of players.
Composer: Forssell, Jonas
Content: ur musiken till "Sagan" av Hjalmar Bergman / from the Incidental music to "The Legend" by Hjalmar Bergman 1. En afton på balen / An Evening at the Ball 2. Barn / Children 3. Hycklarvals / Hypocritical Waltz 4. Spegelen / The Looking-glass 5. Sagans vals / The Waltz of the Legend
Category: Orchestra
Instrumentation: string orchestra
Duration: 15
Editionsno: SUE492
Published: 1999-12-30
More info: JOR3064
492 - Performance material on hire
492 - Score
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