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Svenska operaarior 1874-2009 för röst och piano

Swedish Opera Arias 1874-2009, a bilingual four-volume compilation (soprano, mezzo/alto, tenor and baritone/bass) for voice and piano. This exclusive collection covers 147 arias from 89 operas by 54 Swedish composers. From The Bide of the Mountain by Ivar Hallström 1874 to Goya by Daniel Börtz 2009. Also represented is Swedens's first opera composed by a woman: In Firenze by Helena Munktell, premiered at the Stockholm Royal Opera in 1889. Other composers are Andrée, Atterberg, Berg, Blomdahl, Forssell, de Frumerie, Gefors, Jennefelt, Lars-Erik Larsson, af Malmborg Ward, Peterson-Berger, Rangström, Rehnqvist, Rosenberg, Sven-David Sandström, Stenhammar, Werle and many others.
Content: 147 arior ur 89 operor av 54 svenska tonsättare
Category: Voice and piano/organ/guitar
Instrumentation: Soprano, mezzo/alto, tenor, baritone/base-volume and piano
Editionsno: SUE570
Published: 2012-12-12
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