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Paula af Malmborg Ward glides with remarkable ease over genres, a mobility that has been distilled down to a personal and distinctive tone, and music that is vivacious in mood and imaginative in content. About Yakuzi she says: “For some reason that I can’t recall I was angry when I sat down to write my saxophone quartet. I felt like Yakuzi, a cantankerous, egocentric dancer with slanty black eyes in a musical I almost wrote once. Yakuzi, with his tetchy, sullen mood, serves as the model for the entire piece, which after a while was quite a pleasure to work with. Technical structure: Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas.”
Composer: Malmborg Ward, Paula af
Category: Chamber music - winds; Saxophone
Instrumentation: Saxophone Quartet: Sopr, Alto Tenor, Baritone
Duration: 6,5
Editionsno: SUE529
Published: 2004-12-20
More info: 35404
529 - Score
529a - Parts
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