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5 Bagatelle per orchestra d'archi

Besides being a composer, Arne Mellnäs was a gifted and experienced music teacher. Consequently, he was the obvious choice for the Swedish section of ESTA (the European String Teachers Association) when in 1998 they requisitioned a pedagogical work for string orchestra through the Swedish Concert Institute. “5 Bagatelle” was the result.
Composer: Mellnäs, Arne
Content: Mist - Fall - Souvenir - Intermezzo - Lamento
Category: Orchestra
Instrumentation: string orchestra
Duration: 12
Editionsno: SUE534
Published: 2003-12-31
More info: JOR4463
534 - Score
534a - Double bass
534a - Viola
534a - Violin 1
534a - Violin 2
534a - Violoncello
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