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Tre romanser, op 239

Few modern Swedish composers have taken so much interest in solo songs like Maurice Karkoff and few have, like Karkoff, managed to achieve continual personal renewal in the genre and found their own distinctive musical means to express the individual qualities of the selected poems. Karkoff has an intimate knowledge of Tomas Tranströmer’s poetry. This time, Karkoff has chosen a couple of short haiku-like poems, and these songs have become a kind of independent vocal poem. Nelly Sachs’ poem Gråt ut he has already set to music; it appears in the original German (“Weine aus”) as the last song in Glühende Rätsel and in Gunnar Ekelöf’s translation in the collection Flykt och förvandling (1997). Now, in this reinterpretation of the Ekelöf version, it has received a lighter, almost visionary treatment, in which the closing vocalising seems to bring a promise of hope after all.
Composer: Karkoff, Maurice
Text: Tranströmer, Tomas/ Sachs, Nelly
Content: 1. Långt ute 2. En svartvit skata 3. Gråt ut
Category: Voice and piano/organ/guitar
Instrumentation: medium voice and piano
Editionsno: SUE552
Published: 2009-12-31
More info:
552 - Voice and piano
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