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Romanser - mellansättning

Hugo Alfvén is one of Sweden’s most eminent and loved composers. He wrote around 60 solo songs, 18 of which are presented here. Two versions have been published of this compilation, one for high voice and one for medium voice. The selection has been made by pianist and chamber musician Jan Eyron with the cooperation of musicologist Jan Olof Rudén. Jan Eyron is one of Sweden’s most experienced accompanists who, over the decades, has given innumerable interpretations of Swedish Lieder, several from the cream of Swedish singers. Jan Olof Rudén is the author of, amongst other works, the publication Hugo Alfvén – Musical Works, Thematic Index. The last section of the edition contains English and German translations of the lyrics.
Composer: Alfvén, Hugo
Arranger: Eyron, Jan
Text: Olika textförf,
Content: 18 sånger / 18 songs: Geflüster im Gange / Två fjärilar / Aftonstämning / Gammalt kväde från Helsingland / Jag minns / Jag längtar dig / Du är stilla ro / O, stode du i kylig blåst / Sommardofter / Mitt rike / Skogen sover / Es rauscht eine Welle / Aftonen/ Berceuse / Ved Huset / Taltrasten / Saa tag mit Hjerte / I stilla timmar
Category: Voice and piano/organ/guitar
Instrumentation: Song and piano, medium voice
Editionsno: SUE528
Published: 2004-12-30
More info:
528 - Voice and piano
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