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The title Polykrom alludes to the idea of creating color contrasts in the composition. In the form they are evoked by using varied orchestra settings in the sections of the piece, and by focusing on different solo instruments (starting with the flute, then the trumpet, oboe, and trombone). When I composed Polykrom it was however more important for me to create a harmonic language that dissociated itself from treating harmony as just timbre (clusters, etc.). I tried to find the way back to the role of harmony as a field of forces between chords, and to make use of this for musical expressions. Vertical chord structures were however not my prime consideration –neither have chords harmonical functions. My interest was rather how to connect chords and how to use this to create musical tension. Örjan Sandred.
Composer: Sandred, Örjan
Category: Chamber orchestra
Instrumentation: fl, ob, c-cl, fag, cor, tr, trb, piano, percussion, 2vl, vla, vlc, cb
Duration: 8
Editionsno: SUE555
Published: 2010-10-29
More info: 35302
555 - Score
555a - Performance material on hire
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