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Miklós Maros says about Medaglia: “My intention was to drew and sculpt in this mini format something that cannon be produced with other instruments. The saxophone and trombone are excellent for using large horizontal lines since they can produce expressively and are wide in scope. Using less common playing techniques, it’s also possible to play harmonies by combining rapid movements and trills with song and play in the trombone part. The whole work is melodically and harmonically based on a triad structure, in which dual hexads (two by two triads) are placed in opposition, functionally speaking, as they have no notes in common. Each is at once attracted to and repelled by the other, the functions resembling the functional structure of classical harmonies.” The whole text available on More info/Programme notes Download this piece for free!
Composer: Maros, Miklós
Category: Chamber music - winds
Instrumentation: alto saxophone in Eb and trombone
Duration: 8
Editionsno: SUE802
Published: 2005-05-30
More info: GB1249
802 - A-sax part
802 - Score in C
802 - Performance score
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