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Möte med musik

Text: Kullenberg, Gösta/ Rundquist, Per E/ Österling, Anders/ Björkman, Esse/ Lundblad, Peter/ Mansfeld, Herbert/ Hambe, Alf/ Andersson, Jan-Olof/ Steijen, Håkan/ Hultgren, Lena/ Thörnqvist, Owe/ Göransson, Lars/ Gerthel, Olav/ Magnell, Ola/ Forssell, Lars/ Junsjö, Owe
Content: 18 visor tonstta av /18 song composed by Jan-Olof Andersson / Torgny Björk / Esse Björkman / Håkan Brandqvist / Olav Gerthel / Lars Göransson / Alf Hambe / Carina Hansson / Bernt Johansson / Gösta Kullenberg / Peter Lundblad / Ola Magnell / Jan Ramqvist / Håkan Steijen / Owe Thörnqvist / Peter Unge
Category: Literary ballads
Instrumentation: melody lines with chords
Editionsno: SUE406
More info:
Label: Phono Suecia / PSCD62
406 - Song collection
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