STIM/Svensk Musik targets the Composer Festival.

Published: 2001-07-06 by Stellan Sagvik

STIM/Svensk Musik would like to contribute to the important Composer’s Festival at the Konserthuset/Stockholm Concert Hall, a festival where music lovers have the chance to get to know the musical creators of today—a manifestation and in-depth look which puts the focus on new music, and where the composers’ works receive performances of high artistic merit.

For STIM/Svensk Musik, whose goal is to promote the performance of new Swedish music, this festival is especially important, since a Swedish composer, Lars Ekström, is one of the featured composers. The other composers are Rolf Wallin from Norway and Bent Sörensen from Denmark.

STIM/Svensk Musik will, together with their corresponding organisations in Scandinavia (The Music Information Centers in Norway and Denmark), contribute to the festival with several activities to add to its value, including concerts with students from the conservatories in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. This project is also supported by the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm, which is an important partner in the successful organisation of the student concerts.
The high point is expected to be an evening concert at the Grünewald Hall during the week of the festival. In this cultural exchange, students from one country will perform works by the composers from the other two countries. In this way, the music of these composers can be established in the coming generation of musicians, and they get to know the works of composers form their neighboring countries. In order to maximise the Scandinavian cultural exchange, the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm is planning a day of seminars with the students, where they will have the opportunity to among other things meet the composers.
The day will round off with a reception for teachers and students at the STIM building in Stockholm. Also, STIM/Svensk Musik will have an exposition in the Stockholm Concert House, with sheet music, recordings, and informational materials, which will be open during the entire festival. A promotional CD, which will be a part of the festival program, will also be produced, in which one work of each composer will be included.


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