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Published: 2002-04-17 by Konsult

Welcome to the Swedish Music Information Centre, the Swedish Performing Rights Society's (STIM) information and documentation center for 20th and 21st century Swedish music. Our aim is to promote the performance of copyright-protected Swedish music. We try to fulfil this aim by making the music more easily available, primarily as sheet music but also through various forms of information and promotion. Here you can find information about composers and their music and buy copies of Swedish works in manuscript, as well as copies of older Swedish popular music which publishers can no longer supply. You can also hire orchestral material.

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The Swedish Music Information Centre has about 14,000 manuscripts of unpublished works by Swedish composers. You can either order copies of these through sheet music shops or directly from us. We will normally dispatch your order within two weeks of receiving it.

Prices (SEK)

Copies A4
Copies A3
Copies A2
Staple binding
Minimum charge 50 SEK

Two part-time employees are in charge of sheet music copying, and the estimated time of delivery for orders is about two weeks.

The Swedish Music Information Centre publishes catalogues of music for various instrumental combinations where you can find suitable repertoire.

Gustaf Bergel
telephone: 08-783 88 58
fax: 08-783 95 10

Susanne Suttner
telephone 08-783 88 62
fax: 08-783 95 10

Johan Berke
Mattias Lysell
Lars Kristoffersson
telephone: 08-783 89 29
fax: 08-783 95 10

The archive is open weekdays throughout the year.
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The Swedish Music Information Centre has about 3,500 unpublished Swedish symphonies, operas, etc, which can be hired for performances. Orchestras pay per performance, according to set rates. Special rates apply for radio broadcasts and recordings.

According to custom, the hire rate is based on the duration of a work and the instrumentation, the number of performances and whether it is a first performance or not. In the case of recordings a special rate per recorded minute applies to hire material. Orchestras and ensembles can borrow scores/piano reductions on perusal (free of charge) for a limited period.

Anne-Christine Berg
telephone: +46-8-783 88 60
fax: +46-8-783 95 10
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If you search our computer catalogue of contemporary music, you can find lists of compositions for various instruments as well as complete lists of a specific composer's works. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can e-mail our contemporary music librarian, Gustaf Bergel. We also have a reference library with books on music in Sweden (encyclopaedias, biographies, discographies, specialist literature etc), and visitors to the library can also listen to music and play through it themselves

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Edition Suecia was founded in 1930 by the Society of Swedish Composers, and in 1965 the administration was taken over by the Swedish Music Information Centre.

The homepage presents works that are in stock or that can be sold as photocopies. Works which have been listed earlier can always be obtained through the Swedish Music Information Centre.

The editor of Edition Suecia is Karin Heurling
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Our activities include press materials, the production of promotional recordings, TV and video programs, attendance at festivals and fairs, advertising and, not least, the use of the Internet.

Our press materials consist of a published newsletter in English, composer brochures, catalogues, etc. The editor for these printed materials is .

Swedish Music Day is a project directed to radio stations in foreign countries, and has taken place on the last Saturday in May since the middle of the 1980s. This project is led by Odd Sneeggen.

We regularly send CDs to foreign radio stations to promote Swedish music. Since 2001, an interactive service has been provided as a service to radio producers of popular music at the Swedish Music Information Centre’s home page ( A similar service complementing jazz music CDs is the Jazz Facts.

Each year we take part in a variety of fairs and festivals to maintain our contacts with musical life as well as garnering new ones. Sometimes we take part on our own, sometimes together with the Swedish music industry or our Nordic or international colleagues, depending on the forum.

Other examples of activities

  • several seminars, mainly for students at Swedish conservatories, have been arranged
  • a series of TV programs about Swedish composers have been produced
  • a concert series at Nalen in Stockholm was arranged together with the musicians' organisation SAMI
  • advertising in several Swedish and foreign newspapers and music magazines, both for our own products and Swedish music in general
  • together with SAMI, IFPI (the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, Sw. Group) and the Swedish Concert Institute, the Swedish Music Information Centre sponsors the prize to the Music and Cultural School of the Year, which is presented annually by The Swedish Music Council.

    The most important complement to the dispersal of information is our home page on the Internet. It is continually updated with new information and functions, not only for promotion, but also to expedite contact between us and musical life.

    In co-operation with SAMI and IFPI the Swedish Music Information Centre runs Export Music Sweden. Export Music Sweden supports and co-ordinates activities which contribute to the success of Swedish music abroad, primarily popular music. The largest projects each year are usually MIDEM in Cannes, France, and PopKomm in Cologne, Germany.

    We are also members of several international music societies as part of our network building. Besides IAMIC, the international umbrella organisation for all the national MIC sections, and its Nordic counterpart, NORDMIC, we are part of EMO (European Music Office); The Swedish Music Council (the national committee of the International Music Council and therefore also the European Music Council); ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts); IAML (International Association of Music Libraries); and ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music).

    Our promotional activities are handled by Odd Sneeggen and Roland Sandberg.
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    If you can't find the answer to your queries about our activities on this page, you can send us your question by e-mail.

    Q: Can I buy records at the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    We refer you to record shops and You will find a list of distributors who stock our own records on Phono Suecia's information page.

    Q: Can I borrow music at the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    Yes, if you want to borrow scores of unpublished orchestral works. Otherwise, the music can be bought or hired.

    Q: Can I hire electro-acoustic music (EAM) at the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    Yes. You can hire a performance tape (DAT) for 50 SEK per minute + tax and postage. On request we can send a cassette copy for listening purposes. Contact Susanne Suttner.

    Q: What grants can I apply for at the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    The Swedish Music Information Centre offers two types of grant:

    1. Composers who are members of STIM (Swedish Performing Rights Society) can apply for grants in order to attend rehearsals and/or first performances of new works (applies primarily to classical music), on condition that they themselves are not taking part as performers.
    2. Publishers affiliated to STIM can apply for grants for the publication in printed form of Swedish copyright-protected music.
      Where grants for other purposes are concerned (tours abroad, record productions, concert productions etc.), we refer you to the relevant state authorities responsible for subsidizing such projects.

    Q: Where can I find literature about Swedish music?
    We recommend SMS (The Swedish National Collections of Music), which is a central library. You can find the address and telephone number here.

    Q: Can I get hold of biographies of composers through the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    Yes. Go to our pages of composer's biographies. If the biography is not available in English, you can contact our editor Karin Heurling.

    Q: Can I get hold of descriptions of works by Swedish composers from the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    Yes, we have a number of brief descriptions of works on our web pages, taken from Phono Suecia productions and Edition Suecia publications, among other sources. They will be available soon on this web site. If you are looking for something sooner than that, please contact Gustaf Bergel and we will do our best to find other articles for you.

    Q: Does the Swedish Music Information Centre supply photos of composers?
    No. We can't send you photos of composers, unfortunately, but we can usually help you with information about photographers who do have photos. Contact Karin Heurling.

    Q: How do I deposit works at the Swedish Music Information Centre?
    You can deposit contemporary art music works (electronic music or notated music), on condition that you are a member of STIM (Swedish Performing Right Society), that you have had three works performed in public and that you abide by our rules for deposit. Contact Gustaf Bergel.

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