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The Swedish Music Information Center's depot for electro-acoustic music comprises upwards of 200 works. The EAM depot came into being as the result of a project for electro-acoustic music which The Swedish Music Information Center initiated in the mid-1980s. The idea behind the depot was that The Swedish Music Information Center should make this music as easily obtainable as notated music. The basic rules governing the deposit of EAM works are therefore the same as those of the sheet music archive.

This means that the music should be in manuscript, that is to say, not published by a music publishers. In order to cover some of the running costs of the depot, a hire fee is charged per minute. The music has been transferred to DAT tape, regardless of the form in which it was deposited.

Since there is only a limited amount of business, one person attends to it a few hours each month. For enquiries and orders, please contact Susanne Suttner.

Show details for Anthin, Christopher (1973) Anthin, Christopher (1973)
Show details for Arvidsson-Bremmers, Per (1959-2012) Arvidsson-Bremmers, Per (1959-2012)
Show details for Baars, Girilal (1967) Baars, Girilal (1967)
Show details for Bjelkeborn, Thomas (1959) Bjelkeborn, Thomas (1959)
Show details for Bjurling, Björn (1966) Bjurling, Björn (1966)
Show details for Blomqvist, Anders (1956) Blomqvist, Anders (1956)
Show details for Bock, Christian (1950) Bock, Christian (1950)
Show details for Bodin, Lars-Gunnar (1935) Bodin, Lars-Gunnar (1935)
Show details for Broberg, Jonas (1962) Broberg, Jonas (1962)
Show details for Brunson, William (1953) Brunson, William (1953)
Show details for Bröndum, Lars (1961) Bröndum, Lars (1961)
Show details for Dahlstedt, Palle (1971) Dahlstedt, Palle (1971)
Show details for Ejdeholm, Daniel T (1978)  & Johansson, Pär (1972) Ejdeholm, Daniel T (1978) & Johansson, Pär (1972)
Show details for Ekman, Rasmus (1965) Ekman, Rasmus (1965)
Show details for Emanuelsson, Sune Mattias (1979) Emanuelsson, Sune Mattias (1979)
Show details for Enström, Rolf (1951) Enström, Rolf (1951)
Show details for Eriksson, Björn (1962) Eriksson, Björn (1962)
Show details for Fawcus, Jamie (1973) Fawcus, Jamie (1973)
Show details for Frenning, Magnus (1955) Frenning, Magnus (1955)
Show details for Gaal, Zoltan (1934) Gaal, Zoltan (1934)
Show details for Grahn, Mikael (1958) Grahn, Mikael (1958)
Show details for Grahn, Ulf (1942) Grahn, Ulf (1942)
Show details for Gran, Fredrik (1977) Gran, Fredrik (1977)
Show details for Grippe, Ragnar (1951) Grippe, Ragnar (1951)
Show details for Gunnarsson, Rosanna (1992) Gunnarsson, Rosanna (1992)
Show details for Hansén, Krister (1966) Hansén, Krister (1966)
Show details for Hanson, Sten (1936-2013) Hanson, Sten (1936-2013)
Show details for Hartman, Hanna (1961) Hartman, Hanna (1961)
Show details for Hedelin, Fredrik (1965) Hedelin, Fredrik (1965)
Show details for Hedman, Andreas (1970) Hedman, Andreas (1970)

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