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Composer: Gefors, Hans
Title: Notorious : opera in five acts
Text: Perski, Kerstin/ Ingram, Alexander
Language: eng
Year of comp: 2010-2014
Instrumentation: f soli, choir & orch -- 3*23*2 4330 04 1 str, bar-sax, cimbasso, el-git,
Duration: 150
Publisher: SMIC
Subject heading: Stage music
Subject group: Operas
Premiered yyyy-mm-dd: 2015-09-19
Place: Göteborg, GöteborgsOperan
Performers: Nina Stemme, John Lundgren, Katarina Karnéus, Michael Weinius, Lars Cleveman m.fl., GöteborgsOperans kör och orkester, dir Patrik Ringborg
ID-number: GB12273
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