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Composer: Unander-Scharin, Carl
Title: The crystal cabinet
Text: Keith Turnbull & Carl Unander-Scharin
Language: eng
Year of comp: 2007-2008
Instrumentation: f S,T,B soli, fl, cl, cor, perc, cemb/synth/pf, vl, vla, vlc, cb & 2 dancers
Publisher: Tons
Subject heading: Stage music
Subject group: Operas
Premiered yyyy-mm-dd: 2008-10-12
Place: Piteå, Studio Acusticum
Performers: Kristina Hansson, John Erik Eleby, Johan Christensson, Norrbotten NEO, dance: Claudine Ulrich, Jan Vesala, dir Mats Rondin
ID-number: GB5819
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