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Gustafsson, Mats

Mats Gustafsson is one of the foremost saxophone players in the field of free improvisation music in Sweden, not to say in the world. With his roots in jazz music, he has developed a free and personal tonal language, often in the form of sounds and new angles of approach. Mats really knows how to squeeze a maximum of expression out of his instruments. This CD is also a CD-rom with pictures, biography, discography and samples of the scores and the music.
Genre: Progressive
PSCD-nr: PSCD 99
Release date: 1997-12-01
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1. VISKA: Too Hands
2. Any way anyway
3. Out of Ets
4. Out of IF
5. Long titles-NO WAY!
Listen to Klabuster-M6. Klabuster-M
7. Other Brothers
8. Just a Slice of Acoustic Car
9. In Side
10. Bevllohallat Hhu/Ö
11. WAKE UP and tell us again! (in Chicago)
12. Stones and Black Water
13. Plingeling
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