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About the database

In the first instace this database contains information on copyright-protected Swedish music in the form of sheet music and scores as well as recordings, with references to relevant music publishers and record companies. The database also offers a number of composer biographies (new biographies are added on an ongoing basis). At a later stage it will also be possible to search for descriptions of works by Swedish composers.

Free text search
The search terms can be written with lower-case (small letters) or UPPER-CASE (capitalletters). The search results are shown in order of relevance, i.e. the item in the database wich corresponds best to the search argument(s) is shown first. Items containing music are marked with a treble clef and recordings are marked with a CD symbol. Click on the appropriate title in the search result for more detailed information.

The words/signs wich are used to limit the search field are called operators.

Operator Result

AND Documents wich include both conditions or words separated by AND

NOT Documents wich do not include the conditions or the words after NOT

OR Documents wich include either the conditions of the words separated by OR

If you are looking for a specific work you can write the title (if it is concise) or one or more words from the title, separated by AND. If the words follow on each other you don't need to write AND.

Ex: apocalipsis cum figuris

You can also write the copmposer's (the arranger's or the lyric-writer's) or one or more words from the title.

Ex: Hambraeus AND figuris

If you are looking for a work for a specific instrument or instrumentation, you can write the name(s) of the instrument(s) in English, separated by AND.

Ex: flute AND viola AND guitar

Ex: mixed choir AND cello

The number of limitations in the search questions are unlimited, so you can use combinations of operators to obtain as precise a list of hits as possible.

Ex: flute AND viola AND guitar

Result: Finds items contain all three words

Ex: guitar OR mandolin OR lute

Result: Finds items that include at least one of the words

Ex: Bolin AND (piano OR organ)

Result: Finds items that include "Bolin" and "piano" or "Bolin" and "organ".

Ex: electro-acoustic music and (Karlsson OR Blomqvist)

Result: Finds electro-acoustic music by Karlsson and electro-acoustic music by Blomqvist

Ex: Female composers AND NOT (flute OR piano)

Result: Finds items that include "female composers", if they don't also include "flute" or "piano"

Joker signs

An asterisk (*) in a search term functions as a "joker-sign", i.e. it replaces a number of signs at the end, beginning or middle of a search phrase. This can be used if you are not sure of the exact spelling of a word/name.

Ex: Peter*

Result: generates hits wich begin with "peter", such as "Peterson", "Peterson-Berger", "Peters" etc.

Ex: *cello

Result: generates all hits that end in cello, such as "cello", "violoncello", "ponticello" etc.

Ex: pet*son

Result: generates hits such as "Pettersson", "Peterson", "Peterzon", "Pettson" etc.

You can also search by instrumentation and find the heading that you want and look at the items in alphabetical order. Theinstrumentation list starts with sheet music and scores and ends with recordings.

List of works
If you want to find a complete list of a copmposer's works, go to list of works and choose the first letter of the copmposer's sumname. Under works you will find music and electro-acoustic music. Under cd you will find CD recordings.

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