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Swedish Concertos for Soprano Saxophone - Rolf Martinsson/ Sven-David Sandström/ Anders Eliasson
Anders Paulsson is one of the finest soloists and boldest pioneers of the soprano saxophone. His relationship with the soprano saxophone is rooted in an outrageously skilled technique, a relentless hunt for the instrument’s own sound and in the solo concertos of Rolf Martinsson, Sven-David Sandström and Anders Eliasson an unquenchable desire for new challenges. The list of composers, ensembles, conductors and soloists with whom he has collaborated is long and takes in many genres and continents.
Swedish Concertos for Soprano Saxophone
Date: 2012-10-19

ZzzKaa's Dance - Bosse Broberg
This tale is a composed Snake Dream in the form of a fable in nine sections that starts out with a boa constrictor’s hardships during a day in the jungle. Its form is inspired by Duke Ellington’s picaresque suite ”A Drum is a Woman” (about madame ZZaj’s adventures and the quest for the roots of jazz, dialects, and other geographic modes of expression. Other influences are Tristano, a splash of Harold Land, Clifford Brown, Dameron, Carla Bley, Takemitsu, Bob Brookmeyer, Jan Johansson, Mingus, Messiaen, and Lennart Åberg’s harmonium. About the music one can say that the main ingredients are improvisation, chords, timbre, and rhythm. The Nogenja Ensemble is a so-called feature orchestra with the hand-picked soloists in focus. The role models are the more flexible ensemble types that bloomed during the 50s and early 60s. With arrangers such as Gil Evans, Quincy Jones, Gerry Mulligan (Concert Jazz Band), Marty Paich etc., and with roots also in the late 40s. The ages of those in the orchestra span over 40 years; and the term Non Generation also means that there is an attempt to bridge generations in both repertoire and genre
ZzzKaa's Dance
Date: 2012-05-21

Pendants - Jesper Nordin
The different meanings of the word pendant in English and in French are all corresponding with the description of the music of Jesper Nordin with its characteristic soundworld and powerful emotional impact. The music of Jesper Nordin, with its traces of traditional Swedish folk music, rock and improvised music, is performed and broadcast throughout the world .
Date: 2012-03-16

Dedicated to - Sven-David Sandström/ Fredrik Österling/ Tebogo Monnakgotla/ Fredrik Hedelin/ Mirjam Tally
The two-fold Grammis- awarded trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen introduces works all dedicated to the trio and performed at the concertseries Monday at last! . The perfect understanding of the musicians and their ability to interpret contemporary music is emphasized by the differences of the works.
Dedicated to
Date: 2011-11-27

Bow 5 6 - Håkan Larsson/ Kent Olofsson/ Åke Parmerud/ Anders Nilsson
One of the leading chamberensembles in Sweden Uppsala Chamber Soloists introduces four recent works commissioned for the ensemble by composers with very different basis for their compositions. Higgs Boson by Kent Olofsson refers to a physical particle that has never been seen, but has been inferred as a critical to understanding the mysteries of quantum physics. A musical particle can, according to the composer, be found hidden in the second part of the work. Åke Parmerud is one of the big international names in electronic music and mixed media but in his string quintet there is no electronics at all. Still the substance of the piece deviates from traditional art music norms. Håkan Larsson's Marks alludes to those that we all leave behind, like the notes on a score as well as those that are etched into our faces as we age. The result is music that is highly emotionally charged. In Anders Nilsson's Autumn for string sextet the nostalgic is regarded nostalgically , making the work a kind of sonic view of history.
Bow 5 6
Date: 2011-06-08

Phonetasy - Anders Nilsson/ Niklas Breman/ Gunnar Jansson/ Fredrik Söderberg/ Marie Samuelsson/ Jan Levander
On this CD we wanted to include some of the works that have been written for the Rollin’ Phones, music we’ve commissioned from composers we like. The varied nature of the works can be put down to the character of the saxophone quartet, which has room for the brilliant and rhythmic and, because the saxophone is particularly rich in overtones, also gives a varied sound.” Several works have been written expressly for the ensemble by both Swedish and foreign composers. Exciting collaborations with other instrumentalists and art forms are continuously being planned and developed. The Swedish Saxophone Quartet Rollin’ Phones was formed in 1986 consisting of Tove Nylund –soprano saxophone; Kristin Uglar -alto saxophone; Helena Friman –tenor saxophone; and Neta Norén –baritone saxophone and was a fulltime freelance chamber music ensemble up to 1998. Today the quartet works in project form.
Date: 2010-11-15

Liuto con forza - Bengt Hambraeus/ Ivo Nilsson/ Lars Ekström/ Ingvar Karkoff/ Kent Olofsson
For a CD to be titled Liuto con forza might well seem absurd. The lute: a soft sounding instrument from a courtly culture with completely different sound dimensions to our own. However, listeners to this recording will soon discover that it’s all a matter of the listening mood engaged. Anyone who accepts that power can hide behind small manners has much to draw from the music. Each of the pieces on this cd does display some type of relationship with history and with whichever member of the lute family is being played – the renaissance lute, the baroque lute or the theorbo.
Liuto con forza
Date: 2010-10-30

Passages - Arne Mellnäs
As a composer, Arne Mellnäs began to attract the attention of critics, audiences and other composers during the 1960s with music that embodied brilliance of technique as well as an inquisitiveness and playfulness of style. For Arne Mellnäs smiles, gravity and lyrical expressiveness were cardinal. The three works performed on this CD are not just about playfulness and virtuosity. There are allusions to poetry and myths here too. Symphony no. 1 – Ikaros was inspired rather explicitly by Erik Lindegren’s poem of the same name; Passages concentrates on the spaces, the transitional passages in the music and the transformations to and from different states. The saxophone concerto Labyrinthos is simple in its grandness but based on a mediaeval poetic metre of labyrinthine qualities.
Date: 2010-10-04

Hymns to the Night - Tommie Haglund
“ When composing Tommie Haglund goes straight to the expression and his inner feelings. Because of this his music becomes extremely direct and immensely emotive,” says the cellist John Ehde, one of the strongly devoted musicians around Tommie Haglund who have appeared intent on bringing his music to the public. Thanks to the American violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn performing on the legendary Mendelssohn -Violin ”The Red Violin” Hymns to the Night, Haglund’s music have been widely circulated. Tommie Haglund’s music embodies a powerful spirituality. This is hinted at in many of his titles, such as Hymnen an die Nacht/Hymns to the Night, borrowed from the German author Novalis and the awarded Daughter of the Voice which celebrated the 700th anniversary of the birth of Saint Birgitta.
Hymns to the Night
Date: 2010-06-17

Debris Reassembled - Henrik Strindberg/ Fredrik Hedelin/ Christofer Elgh/ Kim Hedås/ Mattias Petersson/ Pär Lindgren/ Peter Hansen/ Tony Blomdahl
The peärls before swïne experience (Sara Hammarström ,flutes, George Kentros ,violin, Mats Olofsson, cello, and Mårten Landström ,piano) was formed in 1995. With the idea of performing only short pieces, they have commissioned their own repertoire consisting of over 120 works from 20 countries, written by composers such as Anders Hillborg, Mikael Edlund, David Lang, and Tristan Murail. ” If there is a "swïne aesthetic"- keeping in mind that we began as a reaction to a certain mystification of music - it is that we try to be consciously unpretentious and rather direct when we play and we also try to find an emotional center in everything we play. ”
Debris Reassembled
Date: 2010-01-11

Grains - Ann-Sofi Söderqvist
From the opening fanfaric theme of Grains and the sorrowful moaning of Pisagua, to Elements, a jazz orchestra masterpiece, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist astonishes, elates and energizes the listener with her compositions.
Date: 2009-09-02

Quartetto con forza - Mats Larsson Gothe/ Anders Hillborg/ Per Mårtensson/ Mika Pelo
Stenhammar Quartet is one of Scandinavia's leading quartets. Their performance is characterized by a warm and energetic musicianship together with striking technical refinement. One aspect of the quartet's profile is its work with contemporary music. Here string quartets by prominent composers like Mats Larsson Gothe, Anders Hillborg, Per Mårtensson and Mika Pelo are presented.
Quartetto con forza
Date: 2009-05-19

Satyricon - B Tommy Andersson
To move in order to stay in one place, to use tradition to find the way forward: this is also how B Tommy Anderson's music can be summed up. What one notices above all in his music , aside from it sounding natural, is a feeling of longing. B Tommy Andersson's list of works is quite large, and includes a great number of orchestral works, solo concertos, chamber music works, and pieces for choir. In this composer portrait all categories are represented with the orchestral work Satyricon, Reflections for soprano saxophone and orchestra, the Horn Concerto, the choral works Sonnet XVIII and Kyssar vill jag dricka (I Would Drink Kisses) and Pieces for Pontus for solopiano.
Date: 2009-04-16

Scope - Johan Berke/ Fredrik Nordström
The meeting between a jazz quintet - Johan Berke Upstairs Five - and a brass quintet is the starting point for the music on this CD. Johan Berke and Fredrik Nordström used the unique sound and expression of each individual group in the composing process. The result can be described as a synthesis of jazz, European contemporary classical music and free improvisation. A commission was made in 2007 by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee for the new ensemble Arveheim/Berke Upscale Ten and the music was premiered at the concert hall in Nybrokajen 11 the same year.
Date: 2009-03-28

Unheard of - Again - Henrik Strindberg/ Karin Rehnqvist/ Djuro Zivkovic/ Victoria Borisova-Ollas/ Pär Frid/ Mattias Lysell/ Benjamin Staern
Four new works by the Swedish composers Henrik Strindberg, Pär Frid, Djuro Zivkovic and Benjamin Staern were recorded during the summer of 2008. Together with compositions by Karin Rehnqvist, Victoria Borisova-Ollas and Mattias Lysell this CD presents a document of time with great dynamics and poetry.
Unheard of - Again
Date: 2008-12-02

Duo con forza - Olov Helge/ Torbjörn Grass/ Lars Ekström/ Sergei Dmitriev Viluman/ Miklós Maros/ Paula af Malmborg Ward/ Albert Schnelzer
The pieces chosen for this CD have a communicative and immediate character. The music has lightness and a swing, and it is the joy of playing that is the starting point: the dance-like, the humorous, and the playful. The Rhythm Art Duo specializes in presenting new percussion music in such a way that people of all ages can understand and enjoy it.
Duo con forza
Date: 2008-11-03

Persuasion - Britta Byström
Britta Byström’s music feels spontaneous but is exceptionally well thought out - ascetic, but still playful . Like a Japanese garden. Britta Byström is a pronounced orchestral composer. Her list of works contains few works for voice, but an important exception is her chamber opera, If One Loses One’s Luggage. The final aria is sung by Patricia "from the other side”: Who among you shall leave your world? Britta Byström shows here how beautiful desolation can be. Impressionistic minimalism might it just be another possible description of Britta Byström’s musical world?
Date: 2008-05-08

The Triumph of Heaven - Victoria Borisova-Ollas
Is such a thing as nationality reflected in music composed today? Victoria Borisova-Ollas’ music bears the imprints of a youth spent in Russia. And although her work bears some traces of influence by Shostakovich and by the Minimalist School, this internationally sought-after composer likes to think of her musical voice as being simply her own. The scores of Victoria Borisova-Ollas are densely crafted with a strong narrative content. Her first symphony, entitled The Triumph of Heaven (2001), is her most decidedly Russian work. And she considers herself a storyteller, much in the vein of the Russian tradition .
The Triumph of Heaven
Date: 2008-04-23

Wolfgang on My Mind - Georg Riedel
Like other great jazz composers before him, Georg Riedel makes his tonal paintings with the colours of the individueal players. Individual indeed - here are some of the foremost voices in the history of Swedish jazz, The Swedish Radio Jazz Group including among othersJan Johansson, Arne Domnerus, Jan Allan, Lennart Åberg, Claes Rosendahl, Rune Gustafsson, Bosse Broberg, Nils Landgren, Egil Johansen.
Wolfgang on My Mind
Date: 2008-04-04

Lift Off - Klas Lindquist
Klas Lindquist had nine specific musicians in mind when he wrote this music. The different personalities and his style of writing forms the music on his first album. Here you can find traces of swing, bebop, Ellington and Strayhorn with emphasis on melody and beat .
Lift Off
Date: 2008-04-04

Flauto con forza - André Chini/ Arne Mellnäs/ Per Mårtensson
Anders Jonhäll is an exceedingly sensitive musician whose contributions to the orchestra most often shine, whether it is Mozart or Boulez being performed. Common for the composers Per Mårtensson, André Chini, and Arne Mellnäs is a form of listening that is simultaneously both experimental and anchored in tradition. Also uniting the six workson this cd is a play around the meaning of virtuosity, its technical and human challenges, the meeting between the virtuoso and the lyrical.
Flauto con forza
Date: 2008-02-11

Cordes - Kent Olofsson
Kent Olofsson is internationally known for his chamber music written in close collaboration with ensembles and musicians. Corde and The Bells culminations in his production, here series of works for guitar, percussion, choir, solovoices and chamber ensembles are melded together into a powerful synthetic conclusion.
Date: 2008-01-18

Inside Information - Per Tjernberg
Exciting beat in big band jazz by Per Tjernberg Per Tjernberg has released several recordings previously but this is the first cd-recording of his compositions for big band. Three drummers and Per Tjernberg himself on percussion gives an exciting beat to this big band with musicians from the Swedish jazz elite. Musicians: Ulf Adåker, Bengt Berger, Ulf Bjurenhed, Christer Bothén, Jonas Eklund, Åke Eriksson, Desmond Foster, Nils Janson, Klas Jervfors, Tommy Koverhult, Sven Larsson, Magnus Lindgren, Bernt Rosengren, Christian Spering, Bobo Stenson, Per Tjernberg, Mattias Ståhl, Magnus Wiklund, David Wilczewski, Morgan Ågren, Mats Öberg
Inside Information
Date: 2007-06-04

Drama - Jonas Franke-Blom
The music in Drama was originally written for the theatre. Much of the inspiration for the works comes from a stage situation where the music functions as a counterpoint to the text and where returning motives become important cornerstones. The compositions were commissioned in connection with the respective productions at the Gothenburg City Theatre: Hamlet - premiere in 1997; Albert Speer - premiere in 2001 (at Stora Teatern); and The Tempest - premiere in 2002.
Date: 2007-02-09

New Places - Håkan Broström
Here we can meet the entire Håkan Broström: a superb jazz soloist, an extremely talented songwriter whose melodies have the ability to "stick" and echo on within the listener, and one who can also handle an orchestral palette with verve. This is a CD that grows, revealing new aspects with each listening. It is music to which one often can return.
New Places
Date: 2006-09-15

Ricamo - Cristian Marina/ Torsten Nilsson/ Ingvar Lidholm/ Miklós Maros/ Thomas Liljeholm
Trio Tribukaitt/Pettersson/Berg consists of Bengt Tribukait, organ, piano and harpsichord, Michael Pettersson, flutes and Daniel Berg, percussion with the marimba as his speciality. With their unique possibilities for sonorous variation and their virtuoso playing, the trio has inspired many Swedish composers to write for them. Since the forming of the group ten years ago the trio took a place at the fore of Swedish new music ensembles. Modernism with a traditional footing has been the recipe used by the ensemble to convey the music of our time for a wider audience.
Date: 2006-08-24

Clarinetto con forza - Jonas Forssell/ Carin Bartosch Edström/ Fredrik Söderberg/ Viking Dahl/ Ingvar Lidholm/ Hans Eklund/ Sven-David Sandström
Communication is central for Staffan Mårtensson. “The music has to be inviting to the listener, have something to say. My job is to give the piece life.” “It is not enough to have a beautiful tone. I want to test the instrument’s possibilities. No matter the means of expression — it is my duty to make it dramatic and full of life . Just as important for Staffan Mårtensson is his collaboration with composers, being a part of the creative process, going down untested paths. Staffan Mårtensson (b 1964) is the solo clarinetist at the Royal Stockholm Opera. He appears often as a soloist and chamber musician both in Sweden and abroad, the past year a lot in France. His repertoire spans over the great clarinet works, from Mozart, Brahms, and Debussy to Stockhausen. His interest in new music has always been strong. In 2004, Staffan Mårtensson premiered the Austrian composer Roland Freisitzer’s concerto for basset clarinet at the Musikverein in Vienna. In all he has premiered six clarinet concertos, five solo works, and several chamber works.
Clarinetto con forza
Date: 2006-08-24

International departures - Örjan Fahlström
The composer and arranger Örjan Fahlström is one of Sweden's most popular orchestra leaders. With his compositions he has contributed to the renewal and expansion of the patterns of modern big band music. Here the Fahlström International Big Band and the Big Band from the North German Radio give us example of Fahlström's ability to fully use the possibilities of the big band. In F.I.B.B. Sahib Shihab, Benny Bailey, Idrees Suleiman, Palle Mikkelborg, Nils Landgren, Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson take part together with several other eminent musicians.
International departures
Date: 2006-07-03

Fagotto con forza - Per Mårtensson/ Anders Eliasson/ André Chini/ Daniel Börtz/ Ivo Nilsson
Knut Sönstevold is an extremely versatile bassoon player. He has devoted more than thirty years of his life towards playing the bassoon in symphony orchestras. Alongside he has performed chamber music with among others the Stockholm Philharmonic Wind Quintet and the Stockholm Wind Quintet. As a soloist he has through the years had a fruitful collaboration with many composers of his time. The result of this is presented on this cd where all of the works except Börtz’ Concerto are dedicated to Knut Sönstevold.
Fagotto con forza
Date: 2006-06-13

Not Yet Dawn - Lennart Fredriksson
In1978-1988, Lennart Fredriksson was the first violinist in one of Sweden’s most renowned string quartets, the Berwald Quartet. He has also been active as being concertmaster in both the Norrköping and Helsingborg Symphony Orchestras. As a composer, Lennart Fredriksson is primarily an autodidact. Some of his major works are written for solo violin and strings in various constellations. Presented on this cd : Violin Concerto, Sonata scura for string orchestra, Trio Sonata for violin, cello and piano and his choir work Three Night Songs.with texts by Karin Boye, Viktor Rydberg and Per-Olov Enquist.
Not Yet Dawn
Date: 2006-06-09

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