The heart of Rythm - Olika
The High School Cadets Marsch - John Philip Sousa
The house of the rising sun - Alan Price
The house of the rising sun - Alan Price
The house of the rising sun - Alan Price
The humming top - Charles Williams
The hut - sut song - Jack Owens
The Invicible eagle - John Philip Sousa
The Jam - Claes Wong
The Jazz-pianist III - Myers
The John B's sails -
The Kentuckian song - Irving Gordon
The kerry dance - James L Molloy
The King of love -
The Kullerull boogie = Kullerullvisan -
The lady likes to love = El marimbulero - Eliseo Grenet
The lass of Richmond Hill -
The last cup = La ultima copa - Francisco Canaro
The last rose of summerv = Sommaren sista ros -
The Lee Kings album - Olika
The Leech - Julian Jones
The letter -
The liberty bell - John Philip Sousa
The life-road = Lifvets väg - Miriam Graham
The little drummer boy - Katherine Davis, Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone
The London Fire Brigade - Leo Towers, Harry Leon, Horatio Nicholls
The lonesome valley -
The Lord Mayor's show - Leslie Sarony
The Maigret theme - Ron Grainer
The Mambo Jambo Boogie - Perez Prado
The Man behind the Gun - John Philip Sousa
The man from the south - Rube Bloom, Harry Woods
The man I love = Min hjärtans kär - George Gershwin
The man on the flying trapeze -
The Manhattan beach - John Philip Sousa
The match parade = Tändsticksparaden - Karl Wehle
The Mauricie tango - Silvio Hein
The Miller's daughter Marianne - Wilhelm Grosz, Jimmy Kennedy
The miller of the Dee -
The millers daughter Marianne - Jimmy Kennedy, Wilhelm Grosz
The moment I saw you - Noel Gay
The moonlighters - Lasse Holm
The more I see you - Harry Warren
The morning after - Sam Coslow
The Motor March - George Rosey
The mountaiheers waltz - Reginald Somerville
The Music Man - Meredith Willson
The new Frankie and Johnny - Johnny Green
The Niggers Holiday - Elis Olson
The Nightingale and the Frogs - Richard Eilenberg
The nightwatchmen - Steve Dobrogosz
The oak and the ash -
The old kitchen kettle - Harry Woods, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly
The old maid's song -
The old rugged cross - George Bennard
The old spinning wheel - Billy Hill
The one rose = That's left in my heart - Lani McIntire
The path of prayer - Egon Zandelin
The perfect walz - Wayne King
The pied piper of Hamlin town - Jerry Livingston
The power of love - Candy De Rouge, Günther Mende
The reason - Ted Gärdestad
The red gate = Den röda porten - Janne Schaffer
The River Kwai March - Malcolm Arnold
The Rochdale Hounds - Harry Gifford, Fred. E Cliffe
The seven seas - Eric Coates
The Seventh Big Broadcast album of world hits - Olika
The Sheik of Araby - Ted Snyder
The Sheik of Araby - Ted Snyder
The silly song - Peter Totth
The Snowflakes - Louis Herscher
The song of abou mabou - Per-Martin Hamberg
The song of the Bushveld boys - Josef Marais
The song of the fool - Sam M Lewis, Jesse Greer
The song to her. - Das Lied für sie - Herman Bengtsson
The song you gave to me - Noel Gay
The sound of music - Richard Rodgers
The sound of music - Richard Rodgers
The spider and the fly - Thomas "Fats" Waller, Andy Razaf, J C Johnson
The Stars and Stripes Forever = Stjärnbaneret - John Philip Sousa
The story of my love - Paul Anka
The street musician - Spencer Williams
The St. Louis Blues - William C Handy, W L Williamson
The sultan -
The Sultan (John Clackson) -
The sun's shinin' in the middle of the night - Tomas Ledin
The sun always shines on TV - Pal Waaktaar, Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket
The sunrise - Lester Santly, Cliff Friend
The sweetest music this side of heaven - Carmen Lombardo
The syncopation waltz - Sigurd Kahn
The taste of your love - Tomas Ledin
The thing -
The three bears - Eric Coates
The three caballeros - Ary Barroso
The toffee apple man - Desmond O'Conner, Reub Silver
The Tremble Dance -
The vamp - Byron Gay
The Viking Music - Bo Hedmark
The Visitors - Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
The waltz of the hills - Arthur Fields, Hall