Theodor -
Theodor -
Theodor - Emil Norlander
Theodor - Heinrich Tholén
Theodora gavotte - Charles le Thiére
Theodor! - Emil Norlander
Theodosia -
Theorien-Vals - Eduard Strauss
There'll always be an England - Ross Parker, Hugh Charles
There'll be no teardrops tonight -
There's a blind man playing fiddle in the street - Göran Lagerberg
There's a bridle hangin' on the wall - Carson J Robison
There's a cloud in my valley of sunshine -
There's a cowboy ridin' thru' the sky -
There's a cowboy rolling down Kungsgatan - Charles Redland, Sam Samson, Jack Geddes
There's a gold mine in the sky -
There's a new star in heaven to-night - J Keirn Brennan
There's a new world - Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Carr
There's a new world over the skyline -
There's a pawnshop on a corner -
There's a ring around the moon - Al Goodhart, Ed G Nelson
There's a ship that's bound for Blighty - Lilian Shirley
There's a small hotel - Richard Rodgers
There's a small hotel - Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
There's a zip about the air beside the sea - Raymond Wallace
There's gonna be a party tonight -
There's never been anyone else but you -
There's no business like show business -
There's no response - Benny Andersson
There's no time like the present - Hall
There's nothing as sweet as my baby -
There's nothing as sweet as my baby -
There's nothing else to do in Ma-la-ka-mo-ka-lu - Cliff Friend, Sidney D. Mitchell
There's something about a soldier - Noel Gay
There's tears in your eyes - Peps Persson
There's that look in your eyes again - Mack Gordon, Harry Revel
There's yes, yes in your eyes - Joseph Santly
There are no words - Anders Glenmark
There are such things - Scott Adams, Abel Baer, Geo W Meyer
There goes my attraction - Al Neiburg, Jerry Levinson, Boyd Bunch
There goes my heart - Abner Silver
There I've said it again -
There is a green hill -
There is a tavern in the town -
There is danger in your eyes cherie -
There is no greater love - Isham Jones, Marty Symes
There just ins't anyone -
There must be a silver lining - Walter Donaldson
There vill never be another you -
There was a tavern in the town - Fran Smith
There was a tavern in the town, One more time - Fran Smith
There will never be another you - Harry Warren
There won't be any spring - Mabel Wayne
There you go - Paul Anka
Thérèse-vals - Carl Faust
Therese - Svante Karlsson
Theresia - Arne Eggert
There´s a hole in the bucket -
These are the tings we'll share -
These foolish things -
These foolish things = Såna små ting - Jack Strachey
They're wearing hoops again my dear - Compton Walker
They've been released - Chris Forsström
They can´t take that away from me - George Gershwin
They didn't believe me -
They met in Rio -
They say - Trond Graff
They say it's wonderful = Underbar - Irving Berlin
They were you -
Thi-Minh / Impressions of a silent movie - Lars Sjösten
Things -
Things ain't looking up - Peter Totth
Things ain't looking up - Peter Totth
Things ani't what they used to be - Duke Ellington
Things are looking up - Noel Gay
Things might have been so different - Fred J Coots
things we did last summer - Jule Styne
Things we said today - John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Think -
Think a little kindly of me - Howard Johnson, Harry Woods
Think about the good times that we had/Tänk vilken härlig tid det var - Per-Erik Hallin
Thinking of you -
Thinking of you - Walter Donaldson
Third album of famous Novelty Piano Solos - Olika
Third call - Lars Sjösten
Third call - Lars Sjösten
Third flight - Ewan Svensson
Third Paramount pictures - Olika
Third Paramount Pictures - Olika
Third time round - Claes af Geijerstam
Thirsty for your kisses -
Thirsty for your kisses - Lee Morris
Thirsty for your kisses = Jag törstar efter kyssar - Lee Morris
Thirty days hath september -
This'll make you whistle -
This boy - John Lennon, Paul McCartney
This can't be love -
This friendly world -
This happy feeling - Jay Livingston, Ray Evans
This here - Bobby Timmons