The vamp - Byron Gay
The Viking Music - Bo Hedmark
The Visitors - Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
The waltz of the hills - Arthur Fields, Hall
The waltz you saved for me - Emil Flindt, Walter King
The waltz you saved for me - Wayne King, Emil Flindt
The Waltz you saved for me - Wayne King, Gus Kahn
The war is over - Peps Persson
The Washington post - John Philip Sousa
The Washington post - John Philip Sousa
The Washington Post - John Philip Sousa
The way i feel - Robert Wells
The way you look tonight - Jerome Kern
The way you touch me - Peps Persson
The wedding of the painted doll - Herb Brown
The Wheel - Erik "Puppe" Lundmark
The Whisper Waltz - Joe Burke
The white blossoms of Tah-ni - Frederick Hollander
The white cliffs of Dover - Harry Leon, Leo Towers
The wild wild women - Al Piantadosi
The wild wild women (are makin' a wild man of me) - Al Piantadosi
The Wilson clog -
The wise old owl said hooooo. -
The woodman's house -
The world is waiting for the sunrise - Ernest Seitz
The world we knew : Over and over - Bert Kaempfert, Herbert Rehbein
The young ones -
The Östen Warnerbring sångbok - Olika
Thea-Mazurka - Yngve Tennström, Pajala-Hasse
Thearos-Boston - Kössö-Lars
Theddy´s polka - Sune Peters
Thema av Carcassi -
Theme for clarinet - Gösta Thesélius
Theme for L - Göran Klinghagen
Theme for Lova - Ingvar Bäckman
Theme for young lovers - Bruce Welch
Theme from Emmerdal -
theme from Journey into space - Van Phillips
Theme from Love Story - Francis Lai
Theme from Splendor in the grass - David Amram
Theme from Splendor in the grass - David Amram
Theme from the Warsaw concerto - Richard Addinsell
Theme from "Dr. Kildare" = Three stars will shine tonight - Jerrald K Goldsmith, Pete Rugolo
Theme fromThe dark at the top of the stairs - Max Steiner
Themes from Bad seed - Alex North
Then I'll count again -
Then I'll count again = Sen' så ska det ske - Chip Taylor
Then I know that I'm at home - Edward Pola
Then there's change - Mikael Rickfors, Hans Erik Huss
Then you know that you're in love - Murphy, Harry Richman, Jay Gorney
Theo Theo Theo -
Theobaldines dumma barnvisa (Teskedsgumman) - Ulf Peder Olrog
Theodor -
Theodor -
Theodor - Emil Norlander
Theodor - Heinrich Tholén
Theodora gavotte - Charles le Thiére
Theodor! - Emil Norlander
Theodosia -
Theorien-Vals - Eduard Strauss
There'll always be an England - Ross Parker, Hugh Charles
There'll be no teardrops tonight -
There's a blind man playing fiddle in the street - Göran Lagerberg
There's a bridle hangin' on the wall - Carson J Robison
There's a cloud in my valley of sunshine -
There's a cowboy ridin' thru' the sky -
There's a cowboy rolling down Kungsgatan - Charles Redland, Sam Samson, Jack Geddes
There's a gold mine in the sky -
There's a new world - Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Carr
There's a new world over the skyline -
There's a pawnshop on a corner -
There's a ring around the moon - Al Goodhart, Ed G Nelson
There's a ship that's bound for Blighty - Lilian Shirley
There's a small hotel - Richard Rodgers
There's a small hotel - Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
There's a zip about the air beside the sea - Raymond Wallace
There's gonna be a party tonight -
There's never been anyone else but you -
There's no business like show business -
There's no response - Benny Andersson
There's no time like the present - Hall
There's nothing as sweet as my baby -
There's nothing as sweet as my baby -
There's nothing else to do in Ma-la-ka-mo-ka-lu - Cliff Friend, Sidney D. Mitchell
There's something about a soldier - Noel Gay
There's tears in your eyes - Peps Persson
There's that look in your eyes again - Mack Gordon, Harry Revel
There's yes, yes in your eyes - Joseph Santly
There are no words - Anders Glenmark
There are such things - Scott Adams, Abel Baer, Geo W Meyer
There goes my attraction - Al Neiburg, Jerry Levinson, Boyd Bunch
There goes my heart - Abner Silver
There I've said it again -
There is a green hill -
There is a tavern in the town -
There is danger in your eyes cherie -
There is no greater love - Isham Jones, Marty Symes
There just ins't anyone -
There must be a silver lining - Walter Donaldson
There vill never be another you -