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Links to the Swedish Musical Life

On this page we publish links to hompages dealing with the Swedish Musical life. The list is continuosly updated.
We are always interested in recommendations on new links to the Swedish Musical Life. Please send a mail to The Swedish Music Information Centre and leave the URL together with a suggested headline under which we should publish your link.

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Adåker, Ulf
Ahlmark, Petra
Arko Big band
Asplund, Peter
Bohuslän Big Band
Gulz, Torbjörn
Janson, Claes [In Swedish only]
Janzon, Tomas
Jeanette Lindström
Kajfes, Goran
Kullhammar, Jonas
Lars Sjösten quartet [Some parts in English]
Lindeborg, Susanna
Nilsson, Mattias
Norrström, Lars-Erik
Persson, Anders
Pinton, Alberto
Real Group, the
Renlidens, Weine
Rådelius, Ulf
Samuelsson, Björn
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra
Ståhls Blå
Wakenius, Ulf
Zetterberg, Torbjörn
Zetterlund, Monica (1937-2005) [In Swedish only]
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